How do I find out about scholarships?

Throughout the 2016-17 school year, businesses, organizations, and colleges from across the state will send information to the SVHS counseling office.  This information will be collected in a file folder and distributed to senior students and parents in several ways.  An updated list of scholarships will be posted on our new SVHS Counselor Facebook page.  In addition, students are welcome to stop-by anytime to check-out new scholarships that have become available.  Students who are proactive are often the first to know about and apply for scholarships; keep in mind that this is your responsibility!

In addition, universities, colleges, and community colleges offer scholarships to prospective students.  It is imperative that students apply for these scholarships after they have completed their application for admission to their potential school.  Also, it is important that all senior students check-out the scholarship deadlines at their potential college.  MANY UNIVERSITIES HAVE A PRIORITY DEADLINE AS EARLY AS NOVEMBER 1ST!  Donít wait to apply!  Students can always decline scholarships at a later date if they choose a different school.

Scholarship Websites

FREE online Scholarship Search Sites:

College Net

Fast Web


Financial Assistance Websites

Interested in applying for grants (FREE MONEY), loans, work study, etc.  Check-out the FAFSA webpage:

Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

Other Financial Aid Information:

Department of Education

Financial Aid