Employee Benefits Documentation

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*NEW* 2016-2017 Employee Benefit ePacket (3.7 MB)
2015-2016 Employee Benefit ePacket (4.2 MB)
2014-2015 Employee Benefit ePacket (4.2 MB)
2013-2014 Employee Benefit ePacket (6.9 MB)

$650 Deductible Benefit Summary
$1300 Deductible Benefit Summary
$2000 Deductible Benefit Summary

Summary of Benefits and Coverage


Negotiated Agreement for Certified Staff 2016-2017

Classified Employee Manual for 2015-2016

Affordable Health Care Act Information

Health Insurance Marketplace Employee Communication (Aug. 2013)

Teacher and Staff Links

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PowerSchool Teacher Portal

Edit your Teacher Page

PDP Toolbox


USD 400 SubTracker

Moodle 2